Aptos booth AMWC Monaco 2024
Bioscience Booth IMCAS Paris 2024
MSD booth at AAOC 2023
Shakira’s DOT booth
Richmond booth CPHI 2023
Biosidus booth CPHI 2023
Opatra booth AMWC Medellin 2023
Bioscience booth IMCAS Americas 2023
Fillmed booth IMCAS Cartagena 2023


We design spaces with meaning, that stand out for their creativity and originality. We make personalized booth, take care of the logistics of promotional material, deliver ready to use spaces. Also we provide complementary services such as interactive games and apps, catering, shows, merchandising.

Corporate Events

Our events are unique and diverse. We propose specific actions for the client, according to the number of people and the objective sought. From regattas, magic shows, exclusive parties on boats, music groups, with the best atmosphere and gastronomic service.

Design and Branding

We propose an imaginative design with art, a reflection of creativity and good ideas. We look to make an impact, but at the same time, to be subtle and delicate according to the message you want to communicate. Branding, logo design, corporate image, web design are among our services.

Virtual Events

We do virtual events in all their dimensions. Including guest management, mailing, development of a personalized web platform, virtual booths with 360º tours, streaming with branding and HD quality, virtual stages, interactive games, satisfaction surveys, integration with social networks, advanced metrics and statistics.

Marketing Actions

We look for actions that attract the public to our booths and entertain participants in our events. For this we have a varied range of digital and analog games, as well as hosts specialized in the subject.

Creative Merchandising

We are dedicated to meticulously searching for pieces of merchandising that accompany the objective of the action. We strive to find the original, creative, unique, that differs from what is typical found on the market.

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